47 Cats In Santa Cruz Need Homes

If you're near or know someone who is, you may want to check these cats out!

Last year we seemed to be inundated with stories of animals getting adopted in record numbers as people stayed home, but we still hear stories of animals in terrible circumstances that need help. That's what's happening right now in Santa Cruz county, where 47 cats were taken from a dismal situation and now need homes.

The adoption prices are lower due to the vast number of cats, and they're able to be adopted this month. If you've been looking for a cat or know someone who has, this is a great time to adopt one.

Do you know of any other animal adoptions needing a boost? Share them in the chat.

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The Weirdest Cat People Buys You've Ever Seen

Share what you've found in the chat!

As cat people, we already know how weird we are. You don't have to tell us. We do things like get fake plants and fake mice for our cats to terrorize, let our feline friends tear up our homes in the name of their killer instincts (not to mention our own entertainment) and even make tunnels through our walls for our cats. Yes, we're weird.

But there are even weirder cat people out there that we find odd ourselves. People who make custom pillows of their cats. (Ok, I did make a blanket of ours last year, but he'd passed away and was my teen's best friend.) People who want to smell like purring. OK, I love purring and find it very soothing so I don't think... wait. I'm one of the weird cat people!

Are you a weird cat person, too? If so, tell me the strangest cat person item you own in the chat!

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Does Your Cat Love You?

Vets share how to find out

The whole idea that dogs love their owners while cats merely tolerate them has always smelled of baloney to me. I've had cats that were so affectionate they were my best friends. While I do know some cats who merely tolerate humans, the majority of cats that I've had over the years have been incredibly loving and I don't need anyone to tell me how I know. Their snuggles, purrs, and companionship told me everything. My best friend, a cat who died two years ago, would snuggle me every time I was in pain, laying against the spot that hurt. I had a cat who would even "play" with my baby in utero. My teen's cat, also a best friend who passed recently, was one of the most vocal and affectionate creatures I've ever seen.

For those who aren't sure if their cats love them, vets say that they exhibit "affiliate behaviors" like rubbing against you, nudging you, or even grooming you. All of my cats have done at least some of these things. Have you ever had a cat nudge their head to your head? That's one of my favorite gestures. How about a cat who forms routines with you? I have one who demands to sit in my lap, but I have to cover myself with a blanket and make a circle out of my legs first. She sits and stares at me until I do, then immediately sits! My husband has one that waits to sleep with him every morning when he gets home from work and she even yells at him if she thinks he's late!

How do you know your cat loves you? Share your stories in the chat.

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Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food

Check to see if yours is affected

There's been a recall of Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food sold in select Wal-Mart stores due to a possible salmonella contamination. The 30-pound bags of food were sold in Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming in more than 1,100 stores and could pose a harmful risk to cats.

To check and see if your food was effected, look at the lot numbers and expiration dates on the bags. Affected bags of food include lot 1081804 which expires September 14, 2022 and 1082804 which expires on September 15, 2022.

Any other important cat news to share this week? Post it in the chat.

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Just How Much Do Cats Know?

Maybe they own us after all

Cats sometimes seem so aware that it's scary. They know when you're talking about them, even if you don't say their name. They know your habits and form their own to match yours. They seem to even know things you don't, like what's that thing over your shoulder! In all seriousness, it sure does seem like cats know a lot ore than we think they do.

Some people post videos of their cats learning how to use the same communication tools dogs use, pushing buttons for words. I don't know if that's legit or not but it sure seems pretty advanced. Then there are cats who can even be used as emotional support animals. Just how smart are they?

Do you think cats know more than we give them credit for? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Best Cats of Tiktok

Who are your favorites?

There is a TikTok that makes fun of Millennials who mock it, saying that they'd never use that Vines knockoff followed by an image of said Millennial cracking up over TikTok months later in quarantine. Yep, that sums up me! I never thought I'd go for it, either, but do you know how many fun animal videos are there, among other niches?

The cat videos alone are worth it. Have you seen cat_named_winter, adventure_cat_blue or dontstopmeowing, the Cat Daddy Issues place? That one may be my favorite! He loves to have spa dates, among other things, with his cats. I could see my husband doing something similar.

Which TikTok cats are your favorites? Share them in the chat!

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If She Fits, She Sits

The Weirdest Places Our Cats End Up

Every cat lover knows the phrase, "If I fits, I sits." If a cat sees something that he might fit in, he tries it out and sits in it, without fail. Cats are so funny that way, and in our house a simple cardboard box is always a cheap route toward entertainment. My cats do really quirky things like pull towels off racks to sit on them, too. I recently got a desk with some square bars that the cats are fascinated with. They like to sit and stare out of the bars like they're in a Sarah McLachlan commercial. Feel sorry for my babies! 

All kidding aside, I'd love to hear the silly places your cats end up. I saw an experiment on TikTok the other day where someone made a box out of masking tape and his cat sat in it, on the floor, for over an hour! I plan on doing something similar with mine soon.

Where are the funniest places your feline friends sit and fit?

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The Best Cat Myths

Share your favorites!

A couple of days ago, my trio of cats lined up to look outside one window before I had a chance to open the other windows. It was adorable to see them lined up, all on different levels, but also a bit surreal. I referred to them as cat sidhe searching for prey, and who knows? Maybe they are.

It made met think of other fun cat fables, myths and stories I've read over the years. I love how many magical stories there are about cats. From the Egyptian Bast to the Cat's Paw, Poe to spirit guides to both lucky and unlucky (I call baloney there), there are so many stories. I always loved the one about the shapeshifting cat woman who either wore the key around her neck as a cat as she told suitors the man who would wed her would have to get it from "her cat" to the story about the shapeshifter accused of harming livestock whose paw was cut only to have it revealed as a bleeding widow woman the next day. Don't even get me started on 80s kid me crushing on Lion-O from Thundercats or Ron Pearlman's Vincent from Beauty and the Best the TV series!

What cat legends, fables and myths are your favorites?

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Catnip Strain Shop to Open?

Toronto may have a catnip shop for cats soon!

This is either a really strange idea or a brilliant one: Mikey Fivebucks, an entrepreneur from Toronto, is working on setting up a catnip dispensary with different strains of catnip for cats to enjoy. He says that the stuff sold in stores just isn't good enough for cats and that it lacks the lasting power that the catnip he wants to sell will have.

Fivebucks is trying to raise enough money on Kickstarter to launch his business and says he's been studying the art of catnip growing for over three years. The brilliance of this idea, of course, is that people LOVE their cats and might actually find novelty in supporting a shop like this.

What do you think of the idea of a catnip dispensary? Share your thoughts in the chat! 

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Cats on Road Trips

Do you take your cats along?

It's been a long time since we've been able to travel (I'm sure you can empathize!), but back when we did we always hired a pet sitter to feed and water our animals, take our dogs for walks and ensure everyone was happy and healthy. So when I saw that there are many people who enjoy taking their cats with them on trips, I was a little surprised.

I've seen plenty of dogs on trips and we've even taken ours here and there for shorter trips, but cats? It just seems odd to me. A friend of mine took her cat with her family while they traveled the country in an RV! I saw an article about a man who saved a kitten who then became his motorcycle riding companion. I can't even imagine my cats doing that but I suppose it makes sense. Plenty of cats have taken to the ocean on a boat or two, after all.

Does your cat go on trips with you? How does the cat fare?

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