Scaredy Cat: The First Horror Movie For Cats!

What do you think of it?

Temptations cat treats released the first horror movie for cats today! Dubbed Scaredy Cat the Movie, it's really much more entertaining for humans than cats.

I must admit that when I first heard of this movie, I thought it would be akin to one of those cat apps where your cat swats at flies or moths or something, with a few spooky additions. Instead, it's a pretty cute take on a cat horror story with a funny surprise. I laughed, but I also think the "monster" of the story is a cruel one to introduce to real cats. 

What did you think of the short film? Share your thoughts in the chat. 

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Yes, Cat Purring is Beneficial to Us

And here I thought it was magic.

Every time a cat purrs near me, I get sleepy. If my cat sleeps next to me, I rest easier and longer. I thought it might just be cat magic--after all, they had to domesticate us to where we're willing to feed them and clean out their poop boxes and even go as far as dubbing them gods somehow! It turns out that there's a more scientific explanation.

Cats purr at 20 to 140 Hz, which can be medically therapeutic to people. It turns out that those who claim that cats jump on you and purr to help you feel better might be onto something! Purring may help lower stress and blood pressure, and some studies indicate that cat owners have a lower risk of heart attack.

What other benefits do you see to cat purring? Share your ideas in the chat!

Cat Vs. Dog People

Does this explain your personality?

Just from personal experience, I think a lot of those memes and videos that depict outgoing dog people and more reclusive cat people to be fairly accurate on the whole. Obviously nothing will be across the board; I have both cats and dogs, just as one example, and you can't paint everyone with the same brush. 

But are we scientifically different? Survey responses indicate that it's definitely possible, but it's not limited to personality. Race, gender and other factors also come into play. Researchers say that it's much more complicated than cats vs. dogs, especially when the animals themselves differ so widely.

What do you think? Does your preference speak of your personality?

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Cat Halloween Costumes

Does yours tolerate being made up?

When it comes to dogs, I find that they tolerate just about anything--mine do, at least! They are great sports and regularly participate in our annual GISH scavenger hunts. This year we are taking part in several online Halloween challenges, one of which is a pet costume challenge, and I think they will be just fine participating.

But the contest is also open to cats, and I have to ask: does anyone anywhere even have a cat that would tolerate participation? I've had some pretty mellow fur babies that would lay limp while my toddler put thin, cardboard BINGO chips on them but a costume? It seems unlikely to me. But cats' personalities vary widely and I'm sure there might be some cat, somewhere, who enjoys dressing up as Freddie Purrcury for Halloween!

So do you have a cat who doesn't mind dressing up? What do you dress them up as?

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Cat Superstitions

Share the ones you've heard!

As a cat lover, I kind of love cat superstitions. I don't like the bad rap that black cats, my favorites, get as being "bad luck," but I love the idea of cats actually being witches in transformation mode. I also love the idea of a cat sitting on your chest and purring attempting to "heal" you out of love. 

What about the idea of putting a cat in an empty baby cradle to get a couple to conceive? Or putting a cat in your theater for good luck? There are many more cat superstitions that I've never even heard of.

What are your favorite cat superstitions? Share them in the chat!

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Dogs Can Have Cat Allergies

Maybe this is why mine don't like to sleep next to the mean cat...

More pets have allergies today than ever before, but in addition to the usual culprits like dust, pollen and whatever it is your pooch likes to roll in that causes her to lose fur (yes, we had a summer of that!), your dog may also have an allergen common to many humans: cats!

Dogs can be allergic to cats, which is totally news to me. In fact, it makes me wonder if my dogs, who sometimes sneeze around my long-haired cat, are allergic to her. I always thought they just avoided her because she's so bratty and yells at them when they get close!

Do you think your dog may have cat allergies? Share your pet allergy stories in the chat.

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Those Tough Decisions

How do you know when to make them?

I'd like to say I gave my companion cat of 9 years, who was my best friend, a dignified way out, but I didn't. I fought hard to keep her alive, even going as far as getting an appetite stimulant to get her to want to eat. It failed, as did her little body, and I regret not letting her do what she was telling me she needed to do in peace. Oh I wanted to save her, so much.

How do you make those tough calls when animals are in need? Sometimes it all comes down to money, unfortunately. Some pet parents just can't afford costly procedures or care. Sometimes it comes down to the animal's worsening condition. Last year we were able to keep my kiddo's best friend alive for another six months after his diagnosis with careful care at home, but when he was in clear pain and unable to move any longer, we had to let him go.

How did you you have to make a tough call? Would you do it the same way again?

Cats in Quarantine

How are yours holding up?

Many of us have dogs that are super excited to have us home, but what about cats? My cats are pretty fed up with us being home all of the time to the point where they enjoy knocking over my plants and peeing on them. Yes, these were plants that were previously safe; they just got sick of leaving them alone!

It's gotten to where I have to put cardboard on my counters to keep the cats off them. Otherwise they pee on things (this started with one in heat before we got her fixed, by the way, and yes, we've tried enzyme spray), leave hair and tracks everywhere and even break things. It's getting ridiculous!

Any tips for soothing the savage beasts while we're all home together?

Weird Things Cats Do to Show Their Affection

Cats are weird.

Are your cats as strange as mine? Cats can be real weirdos. Mine love to talk to me, lick my nose and do other weird things. Does your cat like to chew on your hair? I once had a cat who did that. It turns out that chewing on your hair is just another way they demonstrate their love!

Cats also bring us dead things someimes; does your cat do that? I had one bring me a snake once! Yikes. They are such weird animals and they may even be superior to us, considered they domesticated us to be their servants! 

What weird things does your cat do? Share them in the chat.

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Your Favorite Cat Songs

Share them in the chat

Finish the lyric! "Kitty on the floor and I wan to..." Did you remember the song? I'll give you a clue: It's by POTUSA. They also sing "Peaches." Remember? That's got to be my favorite cat song, but are there really that many to begin with in the first place?

There's "Smelly Cat," of course, and there's "The Cat Came Back," which is basically a creepy kids' song but I still think it's a fun one. It might as well be about Church from Pet Semetary, right?

What is your favorite song about cats? Better yet, what songs do you SING to your cats? Share them in the chat!