Cat And Man Perform Scene From Ghost

Have you ever seen a cat work on a clay sculpture at the wheel beside a human sculptor? Check out this video to see an eager cat take part in the creation of new art. It's so adorable I've watched it a few times! I could definitely see my cat doing this, too. They want to be involved in everything we do, and some of my cats like to lay down right in the middle of a game board while we play games, get into art supplies while we're making things and generally be a part of the fun.

All The Cat Drama

All of my cats are fabulous and I wouldn't trade them for anything... but I have one who's as timid as can be and another who likes to bully her. I hate seeing my cream-and-white Pumpkin cower while my long-haired tortie, Sally, chases her, smacks her and torments her. The other day Sally swiped a chunk of fur! It's not something that happens all day (I work from home), but it's bad enough to where I try to separate them if I'm gone, and if Sally's in a room Pumpkin will almost always avoid going in that room.

Cat Cookies

Do your cats know what "cookies" are? At my house, the dogs and cats come running if we offer "cookies," which is what we call treats, but they also sell homemade cookies for cats and dogs. I went into a specialty shop the the other day where they actually sold homemade cookies made for dogs and cats! They are so beautiful that you 'd think they are made for humans instead.

Cats Cuddling Larger Animals

Most people could spend whole days watching cat videos, but when cats snuggle up with animals much larger than themselves it's even more compelling. I still can't get over a video I saw once of a cat snuggling a dolphin! In our house, we like to joke that if we were smaller, our cats would just eat us, and maybe that's true, but maybe they really do just love to snuggle everything. Then again, maybe they just love to try and bribe any being into feeding them with cuddles!


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