Cat Cookies

Do your cats know what "cookies" are? At my house, the dogs and cats come running if we offer "cookies," which is what we call treats, but they also sell homemade cookies for cats and dogs. I went into a specialty shop the the other day where they actually sold homemade cookies made for dogs and cats! They are so beautiful that you 'd think they are made for humans instead.

Cats Cuddling Larger Animals

Most people could spend whole days watching cat videos, but when cats snuggle up with animals much larger than themselves it's even more compelling. I still can't get over a video I saw once of a cat snuggling a dolphin! In our house, we like to joke that if we were smaller, our cats would just eat us, and maybe that's true, but maybe they really do just love to snuggle everything. Then again, maybe they just love to try and bribe any being into feeding them with cuddles!

Cat Meds Tips

Just days ago, we had to rush my kid's beloved cat to the emergency vet due to respiratory distress. We found out that he has heart disease, might have months to live, and will be on medication for the rest of his life. We're all devastatd. This has been my teen's best friend since age 6. He's the most loving cat I've ever met, and he's the last of our original three cats we had since our kiddo was two (now almost 14). You can imagine how terrible we all feel.

How to Pet a Cat

Have you heard that there is a right way--and a wrong way--to pet a cat? According to scientists, there are many signs that indicate whether or not a cat wants to be pet or not, and following your cat's lead is the best way to pet him or her. This seems like common sense to me; everyone I know who has cats knows exactly where their cats enjoy being stroked and they'll even tell guests to avoid certain spots that cats dislike.

Round-Faced Cat Cutie

There are so many cute cats and dogs on Instagram these days that another one may not sound that exciting at first, but I promise that Zuu is definitely something unique! Zuu is a cat with an almost perfectly round face, and the cat's adorable cotton ball-like appearance is stealing everyone's heart. The cat looks like a forest spirit from a Studio Ghibli movie rather than a house cat!


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