A Cardboard Box Fit For A Queen

In many ways, cats are like toddlers. For example, you give them a toy, and sometimes they're more interested in a cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are great toys for cats and it's really easy to turn them into instant cat toys.

These ideas show you some really cute uses for kitty cardboard boxes, like making those adorable houses we've all seen at Target or Aldi this past holiday. If you already have a box you received from a shipment or the store, why not use it instead? 

All The Cat Drama

All of my cats are fabulous and I wouldn't trade them for anything... but I have one who's as timid as can be and another who likes to bully her. I hate seeing my cream-and-white Pumpkin cower while my long-haired tortie, Sally, chases her, smacks her and torments her. The other day Sally swiped a chunk of fur! It's not something that happens all day (I work from home), but it's bad enough to where I try to separate them if I'm gone, and if Sally's in a room Pumpkin will almost always avoid going in that room.

Save Feral Cats in Australia

Australia has an epidemic of feral cats, which is causing a lot of their small mammal populations to decline. While this is definitely a problem that needs remedying, the nation is declaring war on cats as a solution, and planning to kill two million cats by next year. They plan on baiting, shooting and poisoning cats, having declared them national pests. It's such a humane, nauseating plan, and there are far more humane methods to take. 


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