February 2018

Drink Wine with Your Cat Week

For starters, don't go out and give your cat wine this week! That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works.

Whew. OK, now that you are ready to celebrate, grab your favorite bottle and pet your cat as you take part in National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week! Yes, this is a thing (because everything is now a thing) and there are actually cat friendly wines that are produced that you can buy so your cat can share with you. 

Scruffing Cats

Lots of people "scruff" their cats to pick them up, claiming that it's what their parents would do to correct their behavior so it's okay to do it to grown cats. According to cat behavior expert Anita Kelsey, that's the wrong approach to correcting cat behavior. Not only is it a disrespectful way to treat a cat, but it can be harmful to the cat, causing pain. Cats that pick up their babies this way do so when they are babies, not fully grown adults.