January 2018

Help Kitty Lose Weight

I live on a dead end street, but once my neighbors started to complain about my wandering cat (not to mention over-feeding her), I had to start keeping her inside. If I thought she would slim down after two out of three of her food sources were cut off, I was wrong; without the exercise outside, she's gotten so big her belly drags and has even lost the fur, leaving a bald patch! Toy mice, catnip, laser lights... the other cats love them but she could care less. So what can you do?

Cat Island

Did you know that Japan is home to not one but two Cat Islands? The nicknames are given to both Aoshima, Ehime and Tashirojima. The islands are full of cats, making them tourist attractions where people come to pet as many cats as possible. The cats roam freely but tourists are warned to not feed them as they interact with the cats.

Cats by Zodiac Signs

Whether or not you believe in the zodiac, it's still kind of fun to see things like this piece from Elite Daily, which explains which cat you should get this year based on your zodiac sign! Please don't use this as a real barometer of whether or not a cat is right for you; you need to visit with the cat and make sure he or she is a good fit with your personalities. It's still fun to read, though.