November 2017

Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas Tree

Every year, cat owners find themselves scratching their heads for ideas to keep their cats out of their Christmas trees. What's not fair, of course, is that every cat is different and what works for some cats won't work at all for others. Orange peels in my garden, tree and other areas deter some of my cats, but one could care less! Here are just a few things you can try to cat-proof your holiday tree.

Owner Tries to Heal Cat with Honey

People try to heal themselves with all kinds of things today. Some ideas might be good, some... not so much. The pet owner who thought it would be a fantastic idea to heal a cat with honey is no longer the cat's owner. The owner applied the honey for its antibacterial properties, hoping it would help the cat's leg. The cat's ailment? Cancer. He died even after receiving an amputation.

RIP Paddles

Fans of New Zealand's famous Internet cat, Paddles, are sad today. The beloved animal was run over and killed by a car on Tuesday, leaving Paddles' family to mourn the cat's untimely death. Not only was the ginger cat the "first cat," as it belonged to the country's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, but it was also followed online by thousands of subscribers, including those of the cat's Twitter feed. The cat's extra claws, which resembled adorable Dr.

How to Prevent Cat Scratching

Does your cat or kitten attempt to destroy all of your furniture, rugs and soft things in your home in search of something to scratch? You can't blame him or her if you haven't provided something to scratch. Cats have a natural need to scratch so as their owners we have to find something to satisfy this urge.

There are many cardboard posts that are inexpensive and easy to use. You just put one wherever your cat tends to scratch to encourage scratching to take place there instead. You can also add some catnip to attract your cat if he or she enjoys the herb.