October 2017

Geeky Cat Toys

If you're a fan of cats and geek culture, you're in luck: you're living in the best time (so far) to celebrate both! People have been creating incredible geeky cat toys, towers and other goodies to keep both you and your kitties happy. From litter box covers to scratching posts, toys to lasers, there's something for everyone in multiple fandoms.

Keep Black Cats Safe

While Halloween stands for a time of celebration, frivolity and even reverence to some people, to others it unfortunately means cruelty. The long-held superstitious beliefs surrounding black cats has resulted in a gruesome custom of torturing and killing black cats for some cruel people. Some say it's an urban legend and some vets confirm it's true, but there are a couple of things you can do to help black cats whether it's true or not:

1. Adopt a black cat!