August 2017

Introducing a New Cat to the Family

Recently my family adopted a new cat and we are going through the process of introducing her to our other pets. We've been in this situation before but it's been many years, and it's funny how much you forget! So far she's done pretty well, but both the other cats and the dogs have given her a tough time. The dogs have just been excited to see her, of course, but the other cats have done some hissint and attempted to start a fight or two. 

Animal Advocacy

You hear about how you have to become an advocate for your own child as a parent, but the same applies for your pets. Recently we adopted a cat and brought her home to discover not only that she had a respiratory virus (that could easily be transferred to my other pets!) but that they'd had some sort of outbreak and several cats had the same virus at the shelter. Um, what? We are supposed to get animals with a clean bill of health!

Most Annoying Cat Habits

Believe it or not, when your cat does something really annoying, he or she may just be trying to tell you something. When they bite while you're petting them? They've had enough but can't tell you in another way. Okay, they could just walk away, but they don't want to get up. You know the feeling. Even if Fluffy has a reason for her annoying behavior, that doesn't make it less annoying for her human!

Best Sources for Cats

Let's begin by saying we don't rescue cats, or dogs for that matter. If you adopt a cat or dog, you paid for it. You did not save it from a trap, an alligator's mouth or a hoarder's neglect. If you did those things directly, yes, you can make the claim that you rescued the animal. How many people who adopt kids say they rescued the kid as a part of a conversation starter?