July 2017

Hairless Cats

Hairless mammals are perplexing. Sometimes you look at them and you just wonder, "How do I cuddle you?" Cats are for petting! Sure, you can pet a hairless cat, but don't you miss the fluff?

Sphinx cats are not actually hairless, though. They have teeny, tiny fine hairs that are silky when touched. So while the tactile sensation can still be pleasant, there's still the visual to contend with. All creatures are beautiful in some way, right? Some people love hairless animals and others don't want anything to do with them.

Give That Cat a Job!

Everyone mourns when we hear about dogs and cats that are "put down," whether it's due to longterm illness, old age or lack of shelter room. What if there were an alternative to this fate for more shelter animals? Some cities are putting their feral cat populations to work, helping themselves as well as the cats in the process.

Cats Scared of Fireworks?

Many pet owners find their furry friends quite distressed during Independence Day (and New Year's Eve) festivities, and for good reason. Those fireworks are complete mysteries to pets, who only know they are hearing noises that sound loud and scary. Just think if you didn't know what they were: would you still like them? No, you'd think that the country was at war or something!