April 2017

Mama Cat Cares for 14 Kittens

It’s a story that reminds us why it’s so important to get cats spayed and neutered. A pregnant cat that was living in a house with two other pregnant cats ended up caring for and feeding all 14 of their combined babies when the other two mothers showed no interest in feeding their newborns. The owner surrendered the cat and all kittens to a shelter, where volunteers found the mama exhausted and malnourished from taking care of so many babies.

Are Cats Really Jerks?

People love to call cats jerks (or worse). Sure, they knock over your stuff, jump on you while you’re asleep and “fluff” your skin until it’s gored, but are they really any worse than any other species? Last week we talked about how cats really prefer to be around people and may even choose companionship over getting food or cat toys, so they can’t be all that bad, right?