March 2017

Cats Like Us More Than Food

It’s hard to believe it (especially if you’ve got a cat who loves to push your glasses off the table and otherwise make your life miserable), but scientists are saying that cats prefer human company to eating. By studying 50 cats, they noticed that the cats preferred snuggling with humans than being given food. The cats also preferred spending time with humans to playing with toys, making us more fun to cats, too.

Blue Collar Cats Help with Rodent Issues

Have you ever had a friend tell you, “I wish I could borrow your cat!” after you talk about what a great mouser Mr. Whiskers is? Now businesses in Washington, DC can do just that while they gain not only a furry ambassador, but a complete pest control worker. The cats aren’t the cuddly type, so they can’t get homes otherwise, making the program a literal life-saver for them.