November 2012

Cat snuggle party disrupted by police

"Come out with your paws up!"

Iceland can get pretty chilly this time of year. What's a stray neighborhood cat to do but throw a snuggle party in an unoccupied home? Unfortunately, the home's human neighbors noticed "several cats" moving in and out of the house via an open window. They contacted police for assistance, and when the officers arrived on the scene they found several cats (two or three; their report was unclear) which were "snuggling on a couch that had been left behind by the previous residents."

The snuggling cat party was broken up, the aforementioned snugglers were evicted, and police officers secured the property. One wonders, when will the next cat snuggle party spring up? And where?
This is not the first time police have been called out to deal with a cat problem. Although typically these calls involve cats being mistaken for a cougar or an escaped circus lion.
If the problem of cat snuggle parties becomes a serious problem in Iceland, perhaps police officers would do well to consider bringing the cats onto the force, in the same way that a criminal can become a valuable information resource. The Los Angeles Police Department has adopted several colonies of feral cats and put them to work in their stations and parking garages.