September 2012

Beware of cats and open windows

Yes, cats can fall out of open windows.

Yes, cats enjoy open windows. They love to lay on a perch by a window. They love fresh air like we do. However, if your windows are up high, your cat can fall and get hurt if she is lying in front of an open window.  Don’t take open windows lightly and don’t depend on her nine lives saving her. Each year, cats fall out of windows. They get hurt and they die.

Cats aren’t invincible. They can stumble and fall just as we can. Their claws can’t always save them, either. It is us humans who must take the steps to protect them.  Here is how we can.

Help your cat avoid Halloween stress

Tips to keep your cat calm during Halloween

Yes, Halloween can be a fun Halloween. First, there is the spooky decorating. Then we get to come up with fun and crazy costumes to wear. Finally, nobody would ever forget the candy. In fact, this is a huge event for many humans. However, this holiday can be a stressful time for our feline friends.

First, most cats will tell you, if they could speak, that they do not like change. Decorating to them is change. Yes, those dangly spiders may be fun for them to play with on a short basis. But when you start changing every little item in the room, they realize something is up and they don’t like that.

Next, there are the costumes that you love. The masks hide your face. The long dresses and capes make them wonder what is wrong with you. The excessive makeup has weird smells. The wild hair keeps them from getting as close to you as they live. They just don’t like the costumes, even if you are trying to dress up as a human version of them.

Cat behavior decoded

How cat's ears reveal their mood.

Cats are mysterious animals, but ones which people tend to love. Since they are so mysterious, though, a person may want to learn more about what cat's movements means. When people know this, it is easier for him or her to know what their animals are thinking at any given time. However, the main focal point for this will be their ears, as they can give you quite a bit of information. This is mainly based off of my experience with my cats. 

Normal position for the cats ears are up and perky. This generally means the cat is very happy and not thinking about doing anything naughty. However, a person may also notice when the ears are up like this that the animal is sucking in noise and the ears will turn like a little radar dish toward a sound if they do not want to move their head.