March 2012

Cat Eye Infections: What You Need To Know

Long story short, a cat with an eye infection needs to go to the vet
A cat's eyes are one of its most alluring features. Unfortunately, cats are prone to several different types of eye infections which can be uncomfortable and disfiguring, and can even lead to blindness in the long term if left untreated for too long.
Signs Your Cat Has An Eye Infection
You are probably familiar with the cat's so-called "third eyelid," the nictitating membrane which can usually just be glimpsed in the inner corners of your cat's eyes. These membranes may be visible if your cat is sleeping with its eyes slightly open, or if it is very happy and relaxed.

Is Your Cat Having Accidents Outside the Litter Box?

What He or She May Be Trying to Tell You

Litter box problems are probably the top behavioral problem people have with their cats, aside from the unwanted scratching of furniture.  Cats are finicky creatures, not to mention they often will decide not to use their litter box if they are sick or in pain.  Determining why they aren't using the litter box is usually the first step before you can decide what to do about the problem.

Please Help with a Cat Problem

Came home and discovered our cat had defecated on the carpet in the corner of the room. No big deal, cleaned it up but then discovered somehow the kitty door to

our basement (and her litter box) and gotten partially jammed/locked so all day she couldn't get downstairs! So took care of the door but then a short time later,

discovered our cat had also urinated in the center of the couch!! The cushions absorbed the urine as well as the base of the couch (it was 12 yrs old anyway). We have

Cats Are Beating Us At Our Own Games

Now they're beating us at an iPad game, too!
Friskies has announced the newest app: an iPad game that you play against your cat! Friskies has already been at the forefront of this strangest of tech booms, with their three iPhone apps that were games designed for cats. However, those were single-player games. Now, with the new "You Vs. Cat" game, you actually play head-to-head against your cat!
In "You Vs Cat," which debuted this week at the SXSW conference, your job is to flick a little object across the screen. Your cat plays goalie, and "repels the objects by pouncing on them." Not only do many cats enjoy this game… they are actually beating us at it!

Is It Okay If My Cat Lost A Whisker?

It's normal to find the occasional stray whisker
From time to time, you may find a stray cat whisker on the floor or the couch. This can be somewhat alarming to the new cat owner, since everyone knows that whiskers are very important, sensitive, delicate instruments. You don't expect to find one just lying there on the coffee table!
Cats do shed their whiskers, but only one or two at a time. It's similar to the way that we shed eyelashes. It's normal to find one here and there, but if you start finding a lot of whiskers at the same time, something serious might be going on.
Finding the occasional stray whisker, however, is not cause for concern.