May 2011

Meowing Deals: KONG® BraidZ Catnip Toy - $0.59 (with FREE shipping)

A cat toy for under a buck? Sign me up!

While supplies last, Meowing Deals is offering a KONG® BraidZ Catnip Toy for only $0.59 with FREE shipping when you "like" them on facebook during check out. If you do not have or do not want to use Facebook for the additional discount - the price is only $1.59 with FREE shipping. Either way - this is a great deal for an adorable cat toy!

"Transform your tame kitty into a "big cat" stalking prey across the savannah with the help of today's deal. Soft, stretchy, and surprisingly strong, KONG® Cat BraidZ Catnip Toys come in three adorable styles (one of three styles will be shipped - monkey, tiger or giraffe)"

Make the deal price go down to 59 cents! At checkout, follow instructions to share with your Facebook friends to receive another dollar off!

Tornado Victim Reunited with Lost Cat (Video)

Oh, gosh. Who's chopping onions in here? Cause my face is leaking seawater. One of the survivors of the recent tornados in the southern US was reunited with her lost feline friend during a TV interview with CBS. This senior citizen from Tuscaloosa, Alabama lost everything when disaster hit. Her home was dessicated and she only survived by crouching behind a wall just in time. At the start of the interview, she had found two of her three cats. She had been looking for the third for weeks. In the middle of filming the interview, a shaggy, bedraggled cat came back up to her former home. My favorite part of the video is when you can hear kitty purring from ten feet away. A happy cat indeed.

Welcome to Hairball Season!

For most cats, vomiting is more like a hobby than a symptom of illness. Absent any other symptoms (like listnessness, a change in eating or drinking habits, watery eyes, etc) vomiting in cats is most often caused by hairballs. And unfortunately, this is prime time for hairballs.

A cat's tongue is like a comb, and they use that comb constantly. Imagine if you combed your hair dozens of times a day. Now imagine the hair that would collect on that comb. You - being a human - would pull the hair off and toss it in the trash. But for a cat, that's its tongue, and it has no choice but to swallow all those loose hairs.