October 2010

How to Build an Easy Cat Cubby

Cats adore climbing toys—in fact, without toys, they’re likely to climb up on top of your refrigerator, the kitchen cabinets, in windows, or wherever they like! Most cat lovers probably don’t mind these lounging spots, but it’s also nice to provide cats with appropriate, safe places to ascend as well.

My husband built me a quick and cheap cat tower for my office since the cats and I are always fighting over my footrest and they have taken to it so well. In fact, the two are snuggling in the lower shelf (they don’t much care for the top shelf all that much yet) as I type.

"The Other Cat" According to Kitterman

So... About a few months ago, this new cat comes on my turf one day, and Mom tells me I have a new playmate and will be staying with us from now on. Too bad it's not one of the bunnies from the mansion. Damn. It has been a few months now and apparently she’s not going anywhere soon since her human mom and big sister stays with us too. She’s quite the cougar I’d say, about 5 or 6 years old in human years I think. She’s quite voluptuous, all black with just a small patch of white on her chest, and have the most piercing emerald eyes a cat can have. She is kinda hot. However, occasionally, she swats at Mom and randomly hisses at people as they walk by.

Kitterman - Dealing with Baby's Arrival

   My cat, Kitterman and I have a special bond that any pet owner would know of. He has similar markings that Tom from “Tom and Jerry” has, gray and white, with faint stripes and satellite, pointy ears. I had him since he was a wee little kitten. He slept on my bed, next to me on my pillow. He even traveled with me on the plane, about a six-hour flight, when I had to move back home earlier this year. Then a special little person came along, my son, who is now 5 months old. Boy, did that put a monkey wrench in our feline-human relationship.