June 2010

Call for Regulation of the Tiger Trade

Like most people who saw The Hangover (against my original dismissal of the film as yet another stupid foray into idiocy rather than the absolute comic masterpiece it turned out to be), I found the tiger locked away in the hotel hilarious. How did it get there? What shenanigans could those four guys have possibly gotten into? Its very presence in the hotel alone was enough to cause hysterics.

10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and for good reason. There are many different benefits to be had when adopting a shelter cat; here are ten of them.

10. When you adopt a cat from a shelter, you are usually getting it from a much more humane place than if you do from a pet store. Pet stores often receive their animals from shady sources, where animals may be abused or over-bred. While people may reason that these animals may need to be adopted more than any others, continuing to purchase animals from these sources just continues the cycle of abuse and allows them to continue staying in business.