October 2009

UK Cat Lands Career as Hypnotherapist

“You’re getting very—mreow—sleepy… You want to give me your shoes to vomit in as I please—mreow… You suddenly want to let me have my way with the goldfish, shed all over your favorite jacket and use your mattress as a scratching post…”

If cats could hypnotize us, we’d all be in trouble. They already have the entire family under their control to some extent in most households, and if there’s anything that a cat wants most, it’s world domination—and, according to Disney, the baby’s milk.

(Does it seem to you that they have a bit of a bias against cats? Sure, they tried to redeem themselves a bit in The Aristocats, but most other Disney felines seem like they’re evil compared to Disney dogs.)

I Have Decided To Start Acting Like A Cat, Signed: Your Roommate

Hey. You're not busy, are you? You are? Yeah, I'm feeling kinda lonely and needy right now, so I'm still gonna bug you. Are you listening? How about now? Hey, pay attention to me. Okay, now that you're paying attention to me I've lost all interest in you. I'm gonna go over here now and take a nap, but I'll be back later when I want something.

Halloween + Crazy Cat People = Cats in Pathetic Costumes

By far, the craziest breed of pet owner has to be the feline fanatic. I mean, what other pet owners have their own class of crazy attributed to them(as well as their own action figure!)? And Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome is no joke!

What's really baffling is that in their obsession with their cats, Crazy Cat People will do the weirdest things to these innocent, yet useless animals. Don't believe me? Check out these cats in costume. These cats don't look amused or cute in the costumes made by, or picked by their misguided and possibly unstable owners.


Cat Costume Horrors!