December 2008

Pet Food Recall - Salmonella Poisoning

Mars Petcare has announced a recall of several lines of its pet food, including Special Kitty cat food and Ol' Roy dog food. The recall affects all pet food produced at one of its plants, which had become tainted with salmonella. Although there are no reports of pets getting sick, there have been several cases of people getting sick after handling the pet food - particularly toddlers, who presumably played with the food and/or ate some of it out of the bowl. Is it just me, or was 2008 a bad year for pet food?

Kitten Safety Tips

Keeping your kittens safe is much like doing the same for a puppy. Both are very curious and will get into anything. Kittens however have a tendency to get themselves into more trouble since they have the ability to climb and jump from virtually anywhere they so please.
Playful kittens love to play with anything that dangles like cords, jewelry and house plants. If you have a kitten at home or are thinking about bringing a kitten home, you need to pretty much baby proof your house only with a cat in mind.

What to do

I have three kittens I took in from the outdoors a couple of weeks ago. They are approximately 10 weeks old now. I was wondering if anyone had any training ideas. Currently I am keeping them in one of my bathrooms. They like to get into things, and I am worried about what could happen to them. One has already fallen down a heat vent (the vents were not screwed in and they knocked if off somehow) and crawled out of a very narrow vent on the opposite side of my house. Anyway, I let them roam in one of the bedrooms for a little while and they tended to go towards cords, etc.

chewing on everything

I have a male and a female. The male will chew on everything stinglike (ie: speaker wire, string, earphone wire, drawstrings on pants, and also buttons). My female on the other hand has started to chew on fabric. Any suggestions, helpful hints or anything to keep me from killing them?!

my 14 yr old cat

in the last week my cat seems to be not using her back legs. Today I found her in a bush just lying there i had to pick ehr up and her back legs were stiff and couldnt move? has anyone seen this or had their cats go thrui the same problem. I took her to the vet they are doing x-rays tomorrow. She isnt in any pain, she still purrs and meows and eats. ITs seems to be nerves or no muscle? She is a pure bred cat a maincoot or something like that....please anyone help me

Diarrhea in Cats: What to Do and When to Do It

In and of itself, a bout of loose stools isn't necessarily cause for alarm. Stress or a change in diet can easily give your cat the runs for a day or two. Occasionally it happens to the best of us, am I right? (Never give your cat dairy products like milk. These are guaranteed to upset your cat's tummy.) Diarrhea as a stand-alone problem can cause dehydration and loss of electrolytes, but this isn't a concern right away.

My Scaredy Cat Sophia

Hi! 2 years ago I went to the local Animal Shelter and bought my love, Sophia. Sophia and I have bonded real well during this time. The only problem I have with Sophia, who may be anywhere between 4 and 6 years old, has a problem being around anyone else. Sophia lives with me (obviously - full 2 years) and my fiance (1 1/2 yrs). If I am home alone, Sophia will follow me everywhere but if my fiance is home she will not come out from underneath the couch until we have been sitting down and not moving for a while but will sleep with us at night.

The CatGenie Automatic Litter Box

The number one hassle for most cat owners is litter box management. It's an unpleasant chore involving an often inefficient device, or even multiple devices. While the concept of a self-cleaning litter box is nothing new, the technology keeps getting updated to maximize functionality and improve the device's aesthetic appeal.

Viggo Is a Pussy - Part 2

(This is a continuation of the story of how my cat Viggo got his name.) My friend and former housemate Val and I are two very different people, and back then we seldom agreed on anything. For instance, her taste in men runs toward pretty boys – long wavy hair, clean-shaven, smooth chest, slender, sweet, and so on.

Viggo Is a Pussy - Part 1

Viggo is a pussy. No, really. He’s a gray and white tuxedo cat (his tux is a fashionable dove gray rather than black) who lives in Seattle, likes to hang out in the carport or roam the neighborhood when he’s not napping on my bed, and yowls when he wants something done ASAP. This is the story of how he got his name. I was living in a shared house at the time with three housemates and one elderly cat, Krissy.