September 2008

Re: Kitten

My kitten is about 10 months old and is CRAZY. Shes doesn't just play like normal kittens, she will be sitting then just normal and cute. The next second she's clung to you with her claws and biting, ETC!!! We have to get rid of her if she continues to do this. PLAESE HELP!!! P.S. we tried the squirt bottle, and she LOVES IT!!!


what do i do if my cat pees on the bed? he had kidney stoens and was treated but there is still a trace of smell on the bed so after three weeks he peed on my feet this

Cat Biting

I adopted a cat - one year old from the shelter. He is very sweet and affectionate. He craves a lot of attention and follows me around the house. by the way, this is the first cat I ever had in my life. He was laying on my shirt - on top of me, near my face and purring and seemed like he was so much in love with me and all of a sudden - for no reason at all he grabbed my lip and took a bite and broke the skin. It hurt, but I am upset that he would do that when he obviously loves me. I don't understand, please help.....

Help Desperately needed

I need some urgent vet advice. I live in Muscat in the Middle East. For the last 2 weeks there has been NO vets in town - all on holiday!!! I think my cat was bitten either by a snake or another cat and it formed an abscess. She burst that herself. I found some antibiotic powder in a chemist over here, but she has still got low grade fever and is not putting her foot to the floor at all. Does anyone know if it is safe for me to give her human antibiotics and what kind of dose I need to give? Big ask I know, but as i said, I am desperate!! Thanks in advance from me and Tabitha

Cats on the Web 1

It's looking a bit thin out there these days for quality informational (non-humor) cat blogs, but here are a handful of respectable sites that we found both useful and interesting: Cats Problems - As it's name implies, this British site is an excellent resource for any problems that you may encounter with your cat. The Messybeast Cat Resource Archive - Another great site with comprehensive, well researched information. And because you can't google "cats" without some fluff coming up:

getting rid of cats in my yard

Hi, I need help pretty badly, there a bunch of cats, that enjoy my back yard, my neighbor next door, feeds them, and since he has a dog, they come in my yard, at times, hunt for birds, and I find these dead birds laying around full of flies, I do not want to harm the cats, I just want them to leave my yard, they are also damaged my lilac tree, partially I had to cut down. I do not know what I can do so that they leave my property, because they bring other cats with them at times. Please need advise. Thanks. Cat71

Getting 2 cats 2 get along :)

I have a female cat who is a four year old mongrel, and i recently (2 days ago) got a new male kitten who i nine weeks old from a RPCA center. Does anyone have any good tips on getting them used to each other. The eldest cat has A "friendly" cat that appears round m house. She doesnt mind this cat walking about in her territory and just sits back and watches him. Also sh has been in a cattery about 4 times while we went on holiday. Though so far when th older ca has been in contact with th kitten she just hisses (as expected). Any hlp appreciated. :).

thanks 4 reply!

I can't see that putting up another litter box will solve anything. All that's going to do is allow my 8 other felines to go to bathroom, and stink up my whole house! Why would they bother to go in basement if they have access upstairs,i really don't want that fresh smell of catty poopee wafting through the upstairs and downstairs if you know what i mean. Please help with another solution?

My kitten is sucking on my other kitten

I have two 7 week old kittens. I've had them living with me for one week. My friend owns the mother and said that once the kittens started eating real food that I could take them. I've just started noticing about two days ago that one of the kittens is sucking on the other kitten. When I pull her away, she goes right back and continues sucking on the other one. What should I do? Take her back to her mother? Should I keep pulling them apart whenever she does it? Please help.


My cat really likes a god spanking. I've been spanking it so hard that my hand gets sore and he keeps wanting more. If I stop then he bites me to the point of breaking the skin and causes me to bleed. If I don't spank him then he poops on my pillow. What should i do?

cat kissing

I have a cat who loves to kiss. The only problem is that when I have guests he jumps on their laps and start pushing his face into their faces trying to get them to kiss. I don't have a problem when he does it, he is my cat but not all people enjoy this characteristic from cat. Have any suggestions anyone?

re: another "bad cat"

My 2 yr old female cat has started urinating on the carpet in my bathroom since moving to a different house. I've tried putting her litter box in there but it doesn't help. She has never done this before, any ideas on how to stop her from doing this? Or why she is doing it? Thank You

getting a kitten

I would love to get a kitten but it would cost money to get it nuetered and declawed. I could get it for free. I already have a cat, dog, and a horse I dont know if i am ready for another pet. Pet food, different feeding bowl, cat box (my other cat is VERY picky) it would cost me alot. HELP!!! ????