August 2008

Regarding the litter box

My cat is female, about 3 years old, and most of the time she does fine, however, sometimes she misses the litterbox because I find urine on the floor when picking up the box. I am a first-time cat owner, and I have no idea if that is normal or what the problem is. Any ideas or suggestions regarding this?

My cat is sick and i don't know what she has

She's been sick for a while. She about five months old. All my cats got it but it finally went away except for Lillian. We went to PetMed and the vet there said she had an infection and that it would go away in time. It's been time. A lot of time and she's ceased to get better. She sneezes and she wakes up b/c she can't breathe out of her nose. Her eyes cake and her nose runs. Could she have distemper??

sick cat

I have a question, my daughter's pekinese cat is acting really strange. Does that mean he is sick? Usually he is very laid back.....actually a bump on a log.......lately he's been zooming around the house, jumping on furniture, his meow sounds different, his eyes are dialeted more than usual, hiding in the cupboard. Is that a good sign or bad? I would appreciate all the help....I'm not really finding much doing websearches. THANKS A BUNCH! --Resa

Mother Cat Moving Kittens

Our cat had four kittens about one week ago. She gave birth to them and has been with them for the past week in a birthing box which we set up in a closet that we had cleared out for that purpose. The mother and babies are all doing well and our cat seemed very content until yesterday when she suddenly started moving the kittens to a location under one of the children's beds. When the kittens are returned to their original spot out cat will pace and meow and the first opportunity she gets she moves the kittens back under the bed.

suckling (sucking) and kneading my neck

when i got my kitten she was 8 weeks old to the day. today she is almost 7 months old. she has this thing with nuzzling into my hair ,"sucking" on my neck and kneading her paws into my neck / shoulder while she does it. th begins the secondi get home from work and continues. no matter how much ipull her away she will try relentlessly until i give in. it eems to put he at ease as she purrs so loud whenshe does it. any suggestions on wht she does this and how i might get her to stop???

Re: Oshie

Hi, I have just been told by my Vet that Oshie is in the early stagies of kidney failure. The Vet has put him on a special diet and he is taking Multi-vitamins. Has anyone gone through this and if so, how long was your companion w/you after he was diagnosed. Oshie is my world and I'm having a hard time dealing w/this. Oshie is 12 years old. I have had him since he was 1 and I love dearly. Thanks, La Shay

want a cat

I love cats, but we can't have one inside because of my son's allergies/asthma. We have had two outside cats since January 2000. One was ran over and the other ran away. Solutions anyone?

mystery cat

There is a cat that hangs around our house. I don't know whose cat it is. I really don't want a pet cat at this time...but I am worried that it is not getting fed. Do I feed it or leave it alone?

kitty question

my roommates and i have a cat about 7 months old. we were told it was a girl, but one of my roommates friends think otherwise. HELP! i don't know how to tell! i've always been a dog owner, and obviously its easier to tell the difference, but with cats its much more difficult. i tried looking on the internet, and the answers i received were vauge (sp?). is there any way i can tell the sex that is obvious? thanks for your help!

LITTER boxes

I'm sure a question like this has been answered before but I really need to ask anyone out there... Are there any decent easy clean litter boxes out there. With all the technology we have in our society it's shocking to see that the highest developed self cleaning litter box out on the market is that litter maid crap. Does that box even work with clay litter because some of us really don't want to use the clumping kind. Does anyone know of any good boxes out there, even those flushable ones, and whether they work or not.

Please Help Me

My cat Sam and I live with my boyfriend, his son, and his son's cat which happens to be his mother. I let Sam out during the warm weather with his mother. I just learned that his father hangs around the house also. Sam seems very happy. The problem is that I am looking to move out and am afraid of what this will do to Sam. He will not be able to go outside and the only person in the house will be myself. I will get a new kitten to keep him company. My concern is Sam. He will hurt alot and it hurts me that I have to put him through this. What should I do?


I am writing a book, as you can see I'm asking the same question down below this one, but I forgot to put a title, so I think nobody is looking. COULD TONS OF PEOPLE TELL ME WHAT THERE FAVORITE DOG IS? I NEED THE IMFORMATION FOR MY DOG BOOK, IF ANYONE COULD BE SO KIND AS TO DO SO!!!!!

Peeing cat

oops! We have a cat around 3-4 years old who pees on the walls......she was fixed at the usual age (12 weeks??) but seems to have developed an aversion to peeing in her litterbox. She has two litterboxes, and still uses the walls! She used to stand in the litterbox and pee outside it, so we got her one with a lid and a door, she peed out of the door! Now we use a rubbermaid type box with high walls, so she stopped even attempting to use it! Help!! We are at our wits end. We tried spray stuff from the pet store and as soon as we stopped using it, she started again.


I have a cat, whe is 3 and lately she has been meowing all the time for no reason. And when I say all the time I mean all the time and shs is loud. I thought she was lonely so I adopted anohter cat but that didnt help. She is driving us crazy, someone please help!

Seeking kitten names

I just got a new gray and white stripped kitten and she needs a name. She is a little puffball who is laid back but loves to play with string. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also thought I'd submit a couple of cool links: I just bought a new Kitten video I saw advertised in Cat Fancy magazine, its called Kitten Kommotion. (Their Web site is ) I thought others here might enjoy it as well. I liked the fact that they donate a percentage of the sales to animal shelters.

Cat stuff

my girlfriend's cat is 1 1/2 years old cute as can be and very sweet and loving. He doesn't sleep at nite and he won't let her sleep at nite. He wil do anything to get her attention. This is effecting her health and her job. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My 12 year old cat stopped using her box

Help my 12 year old cat has stopped using her litter box? I don't understand what is wrong, with misty, I have even bought her a brand new litter box,(the same as the old one.) She'll urinate in it and she also went number 2, I cleaned it out right away. But, now she's pooping all over the place. It's like she has alzheimer's or something. She went on the couch and then on my roomate's bed, today. She now has diarrhea doesn't even care where she goes. She looks fine, she's eating and drinking normally. Any suggestions. Debbie Mitchell