July 2008

cat language

help!! i just got a kitten and i need to find out about her body language because i know cats use their ears and tails to show their emotions. does anyone know a site i can go to to find out about it?

My cat sucks (literally)

I don't know why, and when he started, but my cat Chevy always sucks my shirt. i mean always. Whenever he's around some kind of cloth he starts to suck on it. And when I take off my shirt and shorts to make him stop, then he just starts to lick my boxers. Can someone please help me with my problem?

want a cat

We had cats growing up and I loved them. I would like to get another now that I am older, however I am worried about what it will do to our furniture, etc. Do all cats scratch up things and do they all shed alot?


My 18 year old cat began having difficulty keeping things down about 3 weeks ago. I bought her wheatgrass and it helped her bring up some huge hair balls. She continued to bring up her food. I took her to the vet Friday before last. He took bloodwork and x-rays. Heart is enlarged which is normal for a cat her age. All other organs are functioning good. Has no temperature. Gave her medication for intestinal gas possibly due to infection. Kept a little milk down and some tuna salad. Took her back last Tuesday for vet to trace berium through her system and take xrays. No blockage.

Adopted a cat that hates me

I have just adopted a cat that seems to hate me. He hides all the time and I can honestly say that he is miserable. He has only been here for four days, but he hasn't eaten and he hisses at me every time I time to touch him. I want him to be part of my family, but I don't want him to be miserable. I NEED SOME HELP REALLY BAD!!! Brooke

Bad Week for Cats

Has anyone heard about this? Check out this story about someone going around in Westminster, Colorado shooting cats with b.b. gun. An innocent kitty was shot in the legs and paralyzed. As if that wasn't bad enough, in rural Delaware, somebody has been setting cats on fire. What's especially horrifying about this story is the indifference by some of the townspeople.

sick kitty

Our kitty has taken sick yesterday 7/4 her tounge has turned yellow on the edges. She is lethargic and will only drink. She has lost her sence of balance. She is a indoor cat 8 months. We will see a vet asap as $ is an issue. We are both disabled people, Can anyone give us some ideas, Please????

my lover

I have a cat who assists on sleeping between me an my partner. I seem to have problem when we want to spend sometime together because my cat is there in a instant. Locking him out of the room doesn't work because he will start meowing. What can I do?

Bad Behaviour

Our cat meows incessantly when it wants out of the bedroom or wants food at 6 am. He didn't used to be like this until recently. We've tried spraying the water bottle but now he's gotten used to that. Any suggestions?

Crazy Veggie Cats?!!

Hi All, Does anyone here live with a cat who seems to prefer fruit, vegetables and pasta to meat? I have one such creature and I am currently writing an article about it. I'd love to hear any stories! Please email me at the above address. Thanks, Alexandra

litter box

Our 10.5 year old cat has decided to use other areas of the house for her litter box. I'm concerned it may be a medical problem - however - not sure what. Her behaviors have not changed (ie - showing signs of illness). I have even carried her downstairs to the litter boxes but she seems scarred and nervous. HELP!