Your Cat Probably Knows Their Name

They just don't care when you call them

Dogs are always said to be so smart, recognizing 200 words, including their names, and responding to commands. I've always maintained that those facts don't negate the intelligence of cats, and in fact cats may be even smarter because they're the ones who domesticated us and not vice versa. They'd eat us if they were larger, they develop elaborate plans to steal our food and cause mayhem, and according to new research, they also know their names. They just don't care when you call them.

This really makes perfect sense for anyone who has cats. They are all about what they want, on their own terms, which is why people who want immediate affection from an animal who unconditionally loves them should really stick to dogs. As a "parent" of both dogs and cats, I can vouch for the benefits of having both animals at home, but I really do prefer cats, and maybe they choose to give you affection because you are the Food Provider (and a lousy one at that, since you don't give live prey), but I like to think they pick their human and bestow affection that way, which seems more special to me.

My cats definitely know their names, even if they don't come when called. Does your cat come when called or otherwise acknowledge their name?

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