Your Cat Has a Dominant Paw

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When it comes to our own lateral bias, we can get pretty personal and even intense. "Lefties do it better!" "Oh, it's because I'm right-handed!" But would it seem as special if you knoew that other animals also have left or right handed (pawed) dominance? It turns out that our cats can be Righties or Lefties, too!

The next time Kitty is trying to knock off your remote or drink, pay attention to what paw she does. Experiment on her with a chart: track her paw movements and find out if you can guess which paw is dominant. Maybe she's ambidextrous! This would be a great project for your kids to do, too, especially if your cat is known to knock things over. Even if he doesn't, you can track which paw he uses to play with you.

Have you ever noticed a paw preference in your cat? Tell us about it in the chat!

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