Yes, Female Cats Spray

It's not as bad but just as annoying

My one-year-old cat is in heat, and we have to get her in to get fixed ASAP because she's begun to "scent" everything. I wrote about how we use her "calming box" to help her quiet down, and it does help to keep her calm--it's just an open cardboard box she can lie down in and look at us from the top, the same kind of typical cardboard box any other cat enjoys playing in--but now that she's peeing everywhere to try and attract a mate, and annoying not just all of us but my neurtered cats as well, it really is time to spay the last cat!

I thought I'd share this because many people think that female cats don't spray, and while it's true that it's not the same, and that male cats' spray is so terrible that it will ruin everything you own (including my favorite messenger bag a decade ago!), a female cat's urine also works as a signal to other cats that she's in heat. I don't know what's worse, her wailing or her peeing, but I've got a few books from the bottom book shelf ruined because of it.

Have you ever had a female cat spray in your home? This is my first time, although I've had male cats do it, and I think it's just because I usually adopt them already spayed. Any tips to keep her calm while we book the appointment?

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