Why Cats Throw Up

No, they're not just being dramatic

If you have multiple cats, it may seem as if they spend half of their lives just puking all of the time. Hopefully that's just your own perception and not reality, since contstant vomiting would be a serious issue! But if your cat coughs up the random hairball or throws up on occasion, it's likely nothing to worry about.

You may already know that cats get hairballs from cleaning themselves (and that you can help by purchasing various hairball remedies and control food that helps ease their food and hair down a bit better), but did you know that they're a lot like us when we eat? If they eat too quickly or play immediately after eating, they can get sick. They can also get sick from eating too much! A common misconception is that only dogs do that, but cats can also do it. 

If your cat is throwing up daily, you should make an appointment just to be safe, but if it's once in a while, odds are that he or she will be fine. 

How many cats do you have and do they often throw up? What do you do for them when they do?

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