When Other Objects Get Cat Faces

The hilarious results!

Have you ever wondered what a hedgehog might look like if it were bred with a cat, or what a cat might look like if he was actually an ice cream cone? Yeah, many of us have never considered either of these possibilities, but those who have can now check out the photos of the results of the incredible yet disturbing combinations. 

Cats as koalas, pandas, even loaves of bread... there are mashups of them all with the face of this adorable cat who can't have any idea what an Internet sensation it's become. Now that we've seen the photos (and filers are starting to work on animals), I'm sure the possibilities will be endless as more blended cats are brought to fruition. Hey, as long as artists stick to edited photos and not science experiments, I'm here for it.

Now we all need cat bears, right? That's definitely my takeaway. What's yours? Tell us in the chat.

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