When A Cat Isn't Himself

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Most cat owners have known the heartache of watching your cat not act like himself at some point. Maybe he had an upper respiratory infection (yes, many of us know how terrible and dangerous that can be, while most shelter cats seem to get one at some point), maybe he's going through a period of illness or maybe he's even depressed. It's always important to follow the advice of your pet's doctor and take him to the vet as soon as you see him behaving erratically, feeling poorly or otherwise behaving abnormally.

But what about once you're home, and you're following your vet's advice to the letter and you still don't see your cat's personality? Maybe he's lying around, lethargic or tired-looking. Maybe he's just not doing what he normally does. You should of course take this info to your vet ASAP, but you can also try snuggling with your cat and showing him his favorite things, from treats to toys, to see if he perks up at all. Some medications even change a cat's behavior, and if your cat was hospitalized he may still be adjusting to the return home.

After two days my cat is finally behaving normally again, and I'm so grateful. Just keep in mind that behavior is just as important as symptoms like not eating or throwing up. What do you do when your cat is behaving differently? What has your vet advised? Share your stories in the chat.

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