Weird Cat Habits

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What does your cat do?

My oldest cat, age 10, will swipe cheese from you. She LOVES cheese, especially in the form of goldfish crackers. I've never heard of a cat who likes crackers! My youngest cat, who will be two this summer, likes to open doors, go to the bathroom every time we go, and only snuggle if we're already busy doing something. My middle cat, age six, yowls to wake us up JUST to pet him and drinks his water by soaking his paw and licking it off his fur.

What the heck?

My cats seem like weirdos to me but I've read about many of these behaviors in other cats, too. Still, it's always our best guess as to why they behave this way and we may never truly understand much of what they do.

I would love to hear your crazy cat stories! Share the weirdest behaviors that your cats engage in below in the chat.

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