Train Cat Cafe in Japan

Event raises awareness about stray cats

Cat cafes are popping up everywhere. Little eateries where you can play with cats while you sip tea and have a snack, they have increased cat adoptions in the communities in which they exist. In some cities, cat cafes are so popular that reservations are required in order to have a meal next to a group of cats.

In Japan, an event just occured to highlight the homeless cat population even more: a cat cafe on a train! Passengers were able to pet and play with cats during travel. Thirty cats freely roamed the car while passengers ate boxed lunches and enjoyed tea as well as the cats' company. It's a revolutionary way to raise awareness as well as provide a fun service to both the cats and people of Japan. Maybe it will catch on and become a regular thing!

Have you ever been to a cat cafe? Which ones have you visited and how did you like them?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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