Track Kitty's Fitness With Purrsong Pendant

The key is to get to know your cat's routine

Have you heard that they make pet fitness trackers now? Behold one of them, the Purrsong Pendant! This little device helps you track not only your cat's movement throughout the day, but also the cat's sleep patterns. 

The idea is that the device will help you stay abreast of any changes in your cat's behavior. It's not about to help your cat get motivated to walk more or anything, but it will help you see if your cat's more lethargic than normal, which can be very helpful.

Now I need a cat fitbit to help me find out when my cat, who has gained some weight, steals the dogs' food! She likes to skip eating with her catmates and steal food from the dogs. I get that it's fun for her, but come on, it's not healthy, kitty.

Do you use any cat fitness devices? Which ones are the most helpful?

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