Telsa Creates "Dog Mode" To Benefit Pets In Cars

What do you think?

It's a scorcher where I live today and I wouldn't dream of leaving my dogs or cats in the car for any reason, but I don't own a Tesla. Tesla owners are being introduced to an impressive new feature called Dog Mode that will regulate their cars while animals are in them to ensure they are cool and safe, and they'll even display a message to concerned passers-by to let them know the animals are okay. It's pretty brilliant, especially if you're, say, on the way home from the vet and have to stop and pick something up really fast but your pets can't come with you.

As cool as it is, I am still old school enough to where I don't fully trust anything that makes us fully rely on tech, including cars themselves, and I think I'd still worry about my animals if they were left in a heat advisory like this one. I think it's great for emergencies but I don't think I'd rely on it regularly. People who rely on things like that regularly to lock their doors, check on sleeping infants, etc. already worry me to death.

What about you? What do you think of Dog Mode? Will you be using it?

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