Scruffing Cats

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It's not the best way to handle your pet

Lots of people "scruff" their cats to pick them up, claiming that it's what their parents would do to correct their behavior so it's okay to do it to grown cats. According to cat behavior expert Anita Kelsey, that's the wrong approach to correcting cat behavior. Not only is it a disrespectful way to treat a cat, but it can be harmful to the cat, causing pain. Cats that pick up their babies this way do so when they are babies, not fully grown adults. 

The limping reflex that baby cats do when their mothers carry them isn't the same with adult cats. On adult cats, it only causes stress and fear, which are emotions that pet owners shouldn't wish on their own cats, let alone inflict upon them. Scruffing should only be used when cats are in danger and need to be moved very quickly.

Have you ever used scruffing with your cats? Would you change your tactis with this information? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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