Save Feral Cats in Australia

Help protect millions from slaughter

Australia has an epidemic of feral cats, which is causing a lot of their small mammal populations to decline. While this is definitely a problem that needs remedying, the nation is declaring war on cats as a solution, and planning to kill two million cats by next year. They plan on baiting, shooting and poisoning cats, having declared them national pests. It's such a humane, nauseating plan, and there are far more humane methods to take. 

Trap and spay/neuter programs work very well to stop ballooning cat populations and protect areas from overpopulation. It's been proven to be an effective means for not only this but to help protect the natural prey and predator balance in the ecosystem. It also prevents other animals from being poisoned in the process.

If you think Australia should trap and spay/neuter their cats instead, please click here to sign a petition asking them to do so. Know of any other actions to take for cats? Share those in the chat!

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