Poison in the Garden

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Woman threatens to kill cats

A woman who said she was sick of cats using her garden as a litterbox threatened to poison them on social media, going as far as to post photos of the poisoned meat and her garden as a threat to anyone who dared to let their cats outside. She should have known better than to do that, given that the Internet is forever and people started hounding her immediately. A woman even offered to clean her yard if she would "please not poison the cats" and the police were called.

I've been in a similar situation; my neighbors threatened to shoot my cats over poop in their yard. We even offered to clean it up but after so much drama over it we just opted to keep our cats indoors, which is safer for them anyway. Nevertheless, it's been over two years and one of them still cries to go outside daily to no avail.

Why does her four-year-old pick up poop, by the way? By then you'd think the woman would have taught her not to do that... At any rate, it's a terrible story all around reminding us that we should TALK to people to try to solve problems--and we shouldn't air grievances on social media. 

Do you think the woman really intended to poison the cats? What do you think should be done?

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