Nope, Cats Are Not Kids

No matter how much we love them

Can you leave your cat home without hiring a babysitter? Can you sleep through the night without having to feed your cat every 2-3 hours from your body? Do you worry about your cat constantly, especially when it refuses to eat or gets a fever or needs to go to the hospital because of RSV or is born prematurely and needs to stay in the NICU for three months or pay thousands of dollars to fix its teeth or give it a good education or try to help it become a responsible citizen or or or...

You don't? But you call your cat your baby, your child! Your FUR baby. You're its parent, so you say, despite the fact that your cat's about 46 in cat years (and still living at home? tsk, tsk) and that it is pretty much independent of you. Look, I LOVE my cats, but I don't call them my kids. I've been seeing so much child hate lately ("crotch goblins"? Really?) and while it's understandable that you don't want to have kids, there's no reason to hate children because other adults project their expectations onto you--nor is there any reason to call a pet a child. A pet is a pet. (And while you're at it, if you haven't saved your pet from a burning building, quit it with the "rescue" crap. It's another way to feel smug about your pet. Everybody has pets, unless they have allergies, and if you paid for your pet from a shelter, you adopted it, you didn't "rescue" it.)

What annoying things have you heard said about cats lately? Share them in the comments.

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