No Vegan Food For Your Feline Friend

You do know cats are carnivores, right?

More and more people seem to enjoy the idea of feeding their pets a vegan diet and I'm here to tell you that if you want to have a vegan pet, get a bunny. Buns are adorable, funny and will enjoy a vegan diet every day. So will chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters... you get the idea. If the idea of eating meat, even when it's your pet doing it and not you, is off-putting, then do not adopt a carnivore. It's completely unfair to that pet. How would you like it if some alien ape-like species adopted you and only fed you raw steak because that's what they ate?

It's not just mean, though. It's downright harmful, especially if you have cats, which HAVE to eat meat to live. In some countries, it's a criminal act if you don't feed your cat meat. Yes, dogs are technically ominvorous and CAN eat on a vegan diet if they have to, but you'd better check with a vet to make sure it's a balanced diet first if you're going to do it--which you shouldn't, because your dog should get to eat what nature intended it to eat, which wasn't kale.

How do you ensure a healthy diet for your pets? Share what you feed your cats and dogs in the chat.

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