Memorial Ornaments For Your Cat

This company makes them out of ashes

Have you ever heard of cremation infused glass? It's when ashes are fused into a memorial ornament for a necklace, holiday decoration or other bauble to help remind you of a lost loved one. At Davenport Memorial Glass, you can get them made for both humans and animal companions. 

There are paw prints, marbles and other knicknacks you can choose from to make the perfect memorial memento. When I lost my 11-year-old Sky last year, it devastated me. She was, aside from my husband and my kiddo, my best friend. It's been a year and I still don't sleep as well as I did with her. But our vet took her paw print and made a memorial of her, which is on my dresser now, and I look at it every day and remember her. I'm sure one of these glass treasures would be a wonderful gift for someone mourning a lost pet.

How have you memorialized your pet? Share your most healing moments and ideas in the chat.

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