Mega Gifts For Your Cat

If you could make one of your cat's dreams come true, what would you do? Get it live mice every day to eat? Grow catnip in every room? Maybe you'd make an entire room of your house into a catio. However you'd do it, you'd sure make a happy cat.

This cat owner surprised his feline friend with a room full of toilet paper! I have multiple cats, but one is especially prone to shredding paper--in fact, yesterday I had to stop her from shredding tissues from the facial tissue box in the living room! So I know she'd love this kind of surprise. It's the kind of thing one might do for a cat's birthday (in fact, today is that cat's birthday in my house, so maybe I should do something special) or another special occasion.

What special treats or enrichment events do you plan for your cat or cats? Share your tips in the chat!

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