How to Pet a Cat

Scientists say there's a right way

Have you heard that there is a right way--and a wrong way--to pet a cat? According to scientists, there are many signs that indicate whether or not a cat wants to be pet or not, and following your cat's lead is the best way to pet him or her. This seems like common sense to me; everyone I know who has cats knows exactly where their cats enjoy being stroked and they'll even tell guests to avoid certain spots that cats dislike.

It also makes sense on a person to person level; don't we all have ways we prefer being touched (and not)? It does go further, of course, based on how lightly, how long and other factors a cat wants to be touched, so there is some nuance involved, but humans are also like that.

Do you know the way your cat likes to be pet? Do you instruct company to follow your cat's lead? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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