How to Pet a Cat

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The debate rages on

Everyone has their own argument about how, where and why cats like to be pet. As a cat owner my entire life, my argument is simply wherever that particular cat likes to be pet! Every cat I've had has had its own preferences. One even liked her belly scratched, although most preferred under the chin, behind the ears or on the sides of the face. I have one right now who really likes you to just pet from forhead to neck in a downward motion and that's IT. Queen Sally will have nothing else, thank you.

That's pretty much what cat behavior specialist Pam Johnson-Bennett says, too. She says to follow the cat's lead and back off when they don't like something. She also says the scent glands, which I mentioned above, are where cats typically enjoy being pet. And here I thought it was simply the areas they couldn't reach themselves! Kidding.

Where does your cat like to be pet?

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