Homeless Cat Finds New Life

Troubling tale takes heartwarming turn

Homeless pets always get us in the feels, don't they? In a perfect world, all cats and dogs would be spayed and neutered, preventing many homeless pets in the first place, but until we can get there hopefully people will continue to rescue pets who need help. This poor cat named Cotton was so rough when found (warning: photos are disturbing) that his transformation is just about unbelievable. When he was found his eyes weren't even open. It breaks your heart to think about it, let alone see the evidence.

I'm so glad that Cotton was able to heal and good humans took care of him. I always want to foster or care for more pets but we already have a houseful. Many of my friends take in or foster animals and it can be a very rewarding experience. Plus you get free cuddles and who doesn't want those?

Do you foster or rescue animals? Tell us your stories in the chat.

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