Help Kitty Lose Weight

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If she's as big as mine, she may need some help!

I live on a dead end street, but once my neighbors started to complain about my wandering cat (not to mention over-feeding her), I had to start keeping her inside. If I thought she would slim down after two out of three of her food sources were cut off, I was wrong; without the exercise outside, she's gotten so big her belly drags and has even lost the fur, leaving a bald patch! Toy mice, catnip, laser lights... the other cats love them but she could care less. So what can you do?

You can help your cat with a diet that's helping many American cats lately. It's a high-fiber, moderate protein diet meant to help the cats lose weight safely and keep it off without harmful side effects. Unfortunately there are often as many side effects for weight loss as there are for being overweight, so there is a delicate balance to strike.

Have you ever been able to help your cat lose weight? How did you do it? Share your tips in the chat.

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