Giant Cats Are Coming!

Nah, it's just art, but it's adorbs

Watch out, the giant cats are coming! They'll stomp your car, squash your house and make the Hellboy demons look pathetic! Okay, that's not very hard to do, but even so, these enormous cats look super funny because they've been manipulated by an artist who has reimagined them as giants. Remember the cats we shared a few weeks ago where you could look at them from under a clear glass table? This is another adorable perspective that you have to see to believe.

I'm now inspired to make my own cats look like conquerers of a city. I may have to get my teen's action figures and Legos all in on this. I love this idea so much and I think it would also make a really cool art project for any tweens or teens interested in photography and photo manipulation skills!

What do you think of these cute cats? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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