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One of the best ways to pass the time on the Internet is to surf for the funniest cat videos or cutest cat videos you can find. Not only does it give you an instant laugh, but it also gives you something hilarious to pass around at work or on social media.

What kind of cat videos do you like to watch? Some people think it’s funny when cats get stuck, leap away from cucumbers or fall in water, while others believe those videos to be cruel. They may prefer cats chasing things, knocking off objects from the table or even “talking” to their owners. Still others may prefer cats just looking cute or strictly kitten videos.

If your day is bust and you need a quick pick-me-up, post your favorite cat videos in the chat below and watch other videos people have shared. Before you know it, you’ll start to feel better!

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Are you still on the lookout for some funny cat videos? Be sure to visit these videos of cats playing with dogs, in water and much more! Love to watch cats in boxes or playing with mirrors? Try this crazy cats video. Some of these are considered to be some of the world’s funniest cats, including a cat who can’t stop spinning, a cat who has trouble fitting in through the cat door and a cute little Siamese kitten who just can’t stop following a toy with his eyes—and his head!
If you have a cat who loves to stand on two legs or chase the laser light, you might want to check out this funny cat video compilation. Ever thought you’d see a cat working on an exercise wheel in your house or get stuck in a container of ice cream? Watch these funny pet videos.
I’d love to see more videos! Post links to your favorites here.


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