Freddie Mercury And His Cats

These photos are beautiful

If you're a Freddie Mercury fan, you know how much the singer loved his cats. Queen is everything in my house, not only since I've been a lifelong fan but because my 13-year-old loves to cosplay as Freddie, sing every song of the band's on Singstar and pretty much demand the music 24/7. This was before the movie, but seeing it did intensify my kid's interest!

This collection of photos demonstrates the love Mercury had for his beloved cats, and while some of the images are repetitive (many look like a different shot of the exact same time and day), they still depict the artist's sweet love and care of his companion animals, which is just such wholesome fun to enjoy. I'll never tire of photos of Freddie or cats, so put the two together and it's double the fun! Isn't it funny that no matter how many cats you have, you still love to look at pictures and videos of cats?

There are so many celebrities who love their pets. Taylor Swift is famous for adoring her cat, Olivia Benson. What other celebs do you know who love cats?

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