Extinct Leopard Resurfaces

Finally, some good news!

Every day it seems like we're faced with the news of yet another species gone forever, another animal wiped out largely by our own selfish or ignorant (often both) actions. I read some good news about a leopard species previously thought to be extinct today: a clouded leopard species that was thought to be extinct previously was spotted in Taiwan recently, proving that the cat is still here with us.

That's not completely joyous news, since it's a super rare sighting and the animal is still near extinct, but it does give us hope that there may be others in the wild. The Formosan spotted leopard was even seen by multiple people, confirming its existence, and the Taiwanese government is keeping it listed as endangered since the population is in desperate need of recovery since it was declared extinct in 2013. 

Have you read any other good animal news lately? Share your links in the chat!

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