Cute Cat Ladders

What kind of cat furniture do you have?

Cats need furniture, and if you don't provide it, you might regret it. I have shredded doorways and my own shredded furniture to prove it! You learn the hard way when you have cats, right?

Cats also need to feel high, to be able to see the sights and satisfy their curiosity and generally climb to have a good life. Most of my cats LOVE to get to high places in our house, so things like these cute cat ladders are an absolute necessity. While these outside ladders won't work in your house, they will work great for outdoor cats who have lots of room to roam. There are too many cars on my street for mine to go out, but if I had a catio they'd probably work there, too!

What kinds of cat furniture do you have at your place? Share your favorites in the chat!

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