Cloning Cats

I'll never sleep again

Have you heard that cloning cats is all the rage right now? Apparently since celebrities are cloning their dead cats, everyone who has $25,000 to blow is doing it, too. And when the cat is "born," it's so much like the original cat that this couple actually named it the same name.

You guys... I can't even. Is this proof that we are indeed a computer simulation? Or simply past the point of no return? Cloning always felt so far away, even though we all know it's been going on for years, but now people can just pay to have it done. What if people are cloning people already? What if there are people we meet that are cloned--or pets we adopt who are clones? This is bonkers. Our planet's in climate crisis that will only be worsened by more people, there are beyond enough cats already born every day that need adoption already, it's a grotesque amount of money that many families don't even make in a year... and people are cloning their cats.

I have to admit that when I thought of how I lost Sky last year, if given this option it would be tempting. But it wouldn't be Sky, and it wouldn't be right--I've since adopted another cat who needed a home. 

What do you think of cloning animals as pets?

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