Cats by Zodiac Signs

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Which should you get?

Whether or not you believe in the zodiac, it's still kind of fun to see things like this piece from Elite Daily, which explains which cat you should get this year based on your zodiac sign! Please don't use this as a real barometer of whether or not a cat is right for you; you need to visit with the cat and make sure he or she is a good fit with your personalities. It's still fun to read, though.

As a Scorpio, sure, I'd love a Siberian cat--but do you know how much those cost? Trust me, I've looked them up. All of my cats are shelter cats and it's probably pretty rare to find one there! My husband the Sagittarius is supposed to have a short-hair... Too bad all of ours have long hair and we both like that! 

What kind of cat does the list say you should get? How does that compare with the cats you already like or have?


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